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Where God is Moving By His Spirit Leading His People
To A Place Of Abundance

One Church, Multiple Locations


Holy Spirit Temple was founded by Bishop Dr. P. H. Smith in 1983. The present location, 5534 Reed Road started out as a three bed room house accommodating approximately 50 people. The structure occupied today has been totally renovated accommodating 450 or more individuals with two overflow areas. The facility today has the capacity to seat up to 1000 saints. Hundreds gave their lives to Christ and many others were healed, delivered, and set free. The man of God realized that God's call upon him was strictly soul-winning and prosperity. God told the Prophet that he was to teach his people how to live a prosperous life. Hence, the Temple is an outreach ministry focusing on soul-winning and prosperity.

Since the inception of the Mother church in 1983, two sister churches have been birthed (Austin, Montgomery and a world outreach ministry which travels around the globe). Houston is the headquarters. Weekly, faith principles are taught to God's people with the primary text used being the Bible. Members are encouraged to take the faith principles taught weekly and apply them to their lives.

The Alabama Church was birthed in May, 1989.   Although the man of God was in Montgomery several times a year, starting a work in the city was not his plan. God opened numerous doors quickly for the Prophet. The miraculous prevailed. People came from miles around bringing the unsaved, blind, deaf, and sick. Individuals in wheel chairs rolled into the service but left the service walking and some were even running. The supernatural move of God spread quickly throughout the area leaving standing room only. Every service was filled above and beyond its capacity.

God's hand lay heavily upon the Prophet. Another location opened in December of 1991. The obvious became apparent, the secret was out, the same God moving in Houston and in Montgomery also moved in Austin. God used the Prophet to lay hands on many individuals and to speak life into their dead situations causing radical changes to take place in their lives.

All three locations, including the outreach ministry, witnessed God rain down Manna on His people resulting in souls being added to the kingdom, debts being cancelled, relationships being restored and many other blessings. If you are in the area and would like to visit one of our locations call our toll free number at 1-866-3 5-TEMPLE (1-866-358-36753). We would love for you to visit with us!!!!!








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